Project starting and ending date

Most of the citizens do not know that laws of New Jersey protect customers against those lounger, gadder contractors who cannot finish renovation on time. In addition some impostors also charge extra costs because of the delay. We at Tamas Painting & Decorating proudly inform you that we not just meet this requirement but our proposals are so detailed with all your comments which do not reveal any embarrassing surprises later. 

We work with only theft-proof professional

Letting strangers into your home is always a sensitive issue and we are absolutely aware of it. That's why we keep testing and selecting our colleagues so carefully. If you caught anybody of our team ever to steal one of your belongings and you have evidences, it will be 100% refunded without objections. Moreover we instantly fire him and take the necessary steps for a legal action in order to call that person to account.

2 year guarantee for painting projects

We are happy to let you know that Tamas Painting & Decorating applies only high quality paints like Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams which brands have life-term guarantee for their colors.  Nevertheless we also have 2 year guarantee for all our interior and exterior painting projects. According to our customers we could take more years of responsibility for our works since generally they last longer than 2 years however mostly we have no affect on the frequency of dilation, structure of building or jobs done by previous contractors.

Clean and neat work

Clean and neat work is essential for execution of small details. Thus our colleagues constantly have been training to pay attention to clean the project area, and not just after finishing their job but during the tasks as well. So we can avoid to damage any equipment of the building and prevent unnecessary accidents.


Protection of your personal information is one of the most important reason why customers choose us. We keep trying to apply the latest security systems via online payment and control your data professionally. We want to assure you that no one will abuse with your project request, contact details or credit card and nobody will forward it to third party either.