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Interior painting

Getting the right color and the right paint is seems like one of the biggest decision you will make. A professional like Tamas Painting can help you choosing colors and the right finishes for your projects. We are proudly inform our customers that, Tamas Painting is only using the best paints by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Every Tamas Interior Painting project includes

  • The best products and materials
  • Proper wall preparation
  • Protection on your furniture and floors
  • Qualified English speaking painters
  • Clean and quiet work zones
  • Non smoking crew

Exterior painting

Exterior painting can help preserve the value of your home by protecting it from wear, tear and the elements. Tamas Painting & Decorating uses a special 5-step process for Exterior painting.

Clean, power washed or hand washed to remove dirt and mildew. Based on your proposal, all loose paint is scraped away and all glossy surfaces are scuff sanded. All gaps are caulked to prevent water intrusion. Repaired areas are primed using quality oil primer. 2 coats of premium quality paint is applied to a uniform finish. Cleanup is done daily, as well as at the completion of our work. Paint chips are removed and all our materials are packed up and stored neatly. After our own inspection, you are invited to check our work.

Wood staining

Deck staining can significantly change the look and feel of your home’s exterior. If you have a deck, fence, patio, or archways around your home, you know that the varying weather elements can take a toll on your wooden surfaces. If you don’t take proper care of them by re-sealing and re-staining at the right times, it could become expensive. Depending on your deck condition, our professional surface prep and deck process may include:
  • Removal of dirt, gravel, chipped surface
  • Power washing
  • Sanding
  • Priming
  • Premium solid color or translucent stain application

100% risk free


  • Project starting and ending date
  • We work with only theft-proof professionals
  • 2 year guarantee for painting projects
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