Every house has
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Custom staining

We also offer custom stain applications with professional wood preparation and beautiful stain absorption.

Tamas Painting has a great experience working with stain and Polyurethane. We can color match your kitchen cabinet, fireplace, front door, furniture or any objects what comes in your mind.

We recommend a free stain color consultation so we can show you a full selection of available stains. Whatever color you wish to see we will mix it for you and find the way to match with your expectations. During the consultation we discuss the size, material, bright level and color of the surface we want to stain. In addition, one of the most important condition is what sort of furniture it should fit.


Tamas Painting removes old wallpaper using steam, hot water or other methods so we do not damage your homes walls. Repairing wall surfaces from any imperfections and smooth the surface with a coating and sanding. Wallpapers a great addition for a customized touch to any room. We can tell you how many roll to purchase, so you don’t have to be worried for
over buying.

Installing a new wallcovering, the new wall covering is meticulously measured and cut to exact specifications to ensure that your wall covering turn out flawlessly. The process is completed by sealing the wallpaper itself so you can enjoy it for years to come.

100% risk free


  • Project starting and ending date
  • We work with only theft-proof professionals
  • 2 year guarantee for painting projects
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Cabinet and furniture finishing

If you are tired of looking your old cabinets or furniture and you don’t want to spend a lot of money for a new one. Get a Kitchen Makeover with Tamas Painting team. There is no doubt that a kitchen remodeling requires a significant budget, but giving your kitchen a new paint job, you can improve the look of your kitchen from modest budget as well.

Update their existing cabinetry with new paint. We can spray your cabinets with our special sprayer for a smooth, factory finished look. We can also spray the doors on or off site.

Even cooking is more entertaining in a beautiful kitchen.